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Are you a music professional? Music label, record store, musical association... quickly discover our website and all the advantages of trusting Feylt for your order of personalized slipmats for vinyl turntables.

Feylt offers you a wide range of vinyl slipmat that can be quickly personalized and made in France. Prepared in our workshop in Lyon (France) and personalized by our team of enthusiasts, Feylt provides you with a fast and quality personalization service.

They put their trust in us, do the same!

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Feylt specialises in personalising vinyl slipmats and other promotional items and textiles in any quantity.

Whether you are an independent DJ, a record shop, an association or a label, our sales team will listen to you and advise you on your project.


36 avenue Joannes Masset 69009 Lyon, FRANCE
07 64 25 65 73

Degressive prices

We know how important it's to work with quality material. This is why we want to make it accessible to professionals who wish to order large volumes of slipmats. We have therefore made the choice to practice decreasing rates.

At Feylt, we like to push creativity. As music lovers, it seemed important to us to offer you more affordable prices to allow you to support your business. This is why in each product page of our website, you will be able to find our prices grid according to the quantities ordered.

Please note that the decreasing rates only work on identical personalizations.

degressive prices

Fast & French personalisation of vinyl slipmat

Personalised in our workshop in Lyon (France), our team of experts in the personalization of objects and textiles will accompany you throughout your project to help you choose the product that suits you best.

We personalize the slipmats using the sublimation technique. This marking technique ensures a perfect reproduction of your image and their colors, as well as a high quality finish.

Sublimation consists of printing your visual on a transfer paper, then pressing this heat transfer paper on the product. As a result, the ink penetrates directly into the mesh of the support and ensures you a very long hold over time.

If you have any doubts about the choice of your slipmat or if you want to order more than 250 personalized slipmats, contact us!

We can advise you and offer you a tailor-made quote.

Order custom DJ slipmats to dress up your turntable in style!

Customisable vinyl slipmat is not only an original decorative object, it's also an essential product for good sound reproduction. Slipmat for vinyl turntables is an essential element for the glide and vibration absorption of a turntable. During playback, the turntable will emit vibrations that can interfere with the playback of the record, and if the record is not in very good condition, it can damage the platter. Vinyl slipmat pads reduce the vibrations emitted by vinyl playback. Whether you order individually or in large quantities, you can place your order with Feylt without any problem. The larger the quantity you order, the lower the price will be according to the number of slipmats you decide to personalise.

Vinyl slipmats for your turntable to personalise with your favourite design

Choose the thickness of your slipmat for a personalised listening experience! At Feylt, we offer a wide range of 
slipmats in different thicknesses to suit your needs. Classic slipmat is our benchmark. Neither too thick nor too thin, it is perfectly versatile. Made from quality 16 Oz slipmat, it adapts to all styles of music. The thick slipmat is 3mm thick and has maximum vibration absorption with fairly high sound reproduction. For glide and scratch, opt for the glazed slipmat or the ultra-thin glazed slipmat! These are both slipmats designed to make your record slide easily over the platter. Our vinyl slipmat cases can be personalised with the image or design you want. The large printing surface provided by the slipmat ensures that your visual is easy to read. You can design your personalised vinyl signs online using our easy-to-use personalisation tool. All you have to do is upload your image and place it as you wish on the slipmat of your choice. Printing is done using sublimation, a printing technique based on a special paper and a heat press. Sublimation perfectly reproduces the details and allows you to obtain vivid colours when printing.
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Feylt offers a wide range of personalised products


At Feylt, you can also order other personalised products! If you need a personalised t-shirt, bag or mug, that's also possible. Browse our site to find the customisable product of your choice using different printing techniques. On a mug, you can print your label's logo over a large area. Mugs can also be printed using sublimation techniques such as slipmat. For a t-shirt or bag, your visual will be printed using our inkjet printers. The quality of the result is precise and optimal, and you can print the photo you want with no colour limit.  We process all orders quickly and pay close attention to the smallest details. Standard or express delivery within France, the choice is yours, depending on your budget. The delivery price list is available on our website.