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Are you a music professional? Music label, record store, musical association... quickly discover our website and all the advantages of trusting Feylt for your order of personalized slipmats for vinyl turntables.

Feylt offers you a wide range of vinyl slipmat that can be quickly personalized and made in France. Prepared in our workshop in Lyon (France) and personalized by our team of enthusiasts, Feylt provides you with a fast and quality personalization service.

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Degressive prices

We know how important it's to work with quality material. This is why we want to make it accessible to professionals who wish to order large volumes of slipmats. We have therefore made the choice to practice decreasing rates.

At Feylt, we like to push creativity. As music lovers, it seemed important to us to offer you more affordable prices to allow you to support your business. This is why in each product page of our website, you will be able to find our prices grid according to the quantities ordered.

Please note that the decreasing rates only work on identical personalizations.

If you have any doubts about the choice of your felt or if you want to order more than 250 personalized felts, contact us!
We can advise you and offer you a tailor-made quote.

Quick and French customization of vinyl slipmat

Personalized in our workshop in Lyon (France), our team of experts in the personalization of objects and textiles will accompany you throughout your project to help you choose the product that suits you best. We personalize the slipmats using the sublimation technique. This marking technique ensures a perfect reproduction of your image and their colors, as well as a high quality finish. Sublimation consists of printing your visual on a transfer paper, then pressing this heat transfer paper on the product. As a result, the ink penetrates directly into the mesh of the support and ensures you a very long hold over time.