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Turntable accessories : Feylt also offers accessories and merchandising

Feylt is your supplier of slipmats and accessories for your vinyl turntables. Music lovers, DJs, radio stations, labels or music associations, we work for all types of customers and have very good reviews from our customers. Our prices are attractive whatever the product you order and every delivery is fast and free. Whether you want to order customised or pre-designed slipmats, or a product for the maintenance of your equipment, our team is available to advise you on the product you want to order, whatever the brand of your stand or your audio players (Lenco, Clearaudio...).

Cleaning your audio equipment is essential

Save yourself an after-sales service for your turntable by cleaning it regularly and correctly! Whatever the brand of your audio equipment (Lenco, Clearaudio, Ortofon...), cleaning your turntable is essential to ensure it lasts as long as possible. You need to clean all the parts of your turntable: cell, arm, diamond, belt, centring device and even the adaptor. This way you can enjoy perfect audio playback, whether you're listening to radio or music on vinyl records. But how do you clean your turntables and records? How often? What cleaning products and accessories should you use? Follow the guide, we'll explain it all to you.

How do I clean my turntable ?


Cleaning your turntables is essential, whether you use them regularly or not. It's crucial to ensure optimum playback of each disc and maximum life for your turntable. But how do you clean your equipment properly? Whatever brand you use (Lenco, Ortofon or Clearaudio), the cleaning process will be the same. We'll explain how to do it properly.

Start by switching off your equipment and removing the turntable tray to gain easier access to all its components. Once you've done this, we recommend that you use a suitable brush to remove dust from the platter and tone arm. What type of brush should I use? Quite simply a special antistatic brush, which you can find on our website in the vinyl turntable accessories section. Once you've gently cleaned the tone arm and platter with the antistatic brush, you can move on to cleaning the cartridge with a small special cartridge brush. Next, you can use a special cleaning fluid, which should be applied to the platter and arm. This product should be specific to cleaning these components and should be applied using a cloth.

Once all these cleaning steps have been completed, you can tackle the second part of the maintenance. If your turntable has a belt, now is the time to take care of it by checking its condition. You'll need to clean it if it's dirty, and plan to replace it if it's damaged. Finally, you can clean your vinyl records and even take the opportunity to tidy up your vinyl library! Generally speaking, you should always clean a record with an antistatic brush before using it on your turntable. This will extend the life of the vinyl and your turntable. Save on after-sales service by maintaining your equipment properly.

We haven't mentioned the maintenance of the centring device, the diamond, the spindle or the adaptor because it seems obvious. All you need to do is use a special brush, often supplied with Lenco, Clearaudio or Ortofon turntable maintenance kits, for example. Remember to brush gently and avoid aggressive products. Whatever the part of your turntable (centre, diamond, axle, adapter, etc.), use a suitable brush and everything will be fine! Finally, don't forget to align your turntable from time to time. This is a crucial step to ensure optimum playback.

Discover Feylt's cleaning accessories for your vinyl turntables

Feylt doesn't just sell vinyl slipmat. We also offer a wide range of accessories and products for maintaining, transporting and even storing your equipment. We also cater for the customised merchandising needs of associations and labels, offering tee shirts, tote bags, caps and mugs that can be customised with your logo.

Find out more about the two products we offer to care for your diamond, your axle and all the other components of your turntable. Two brushes are available. The first in stock is the black velvet brush. Supplied with a protective cover, it consists of a velvet cushion that is ideal for sweeping up dust and spreading the cleaning product over it. The kit also includes a small brush that's ideal for cleaning the diamond or axle. All this for the attractive price of €12. The second brush we have in stock is made of velvet, but also carbon fibre. It's an exceptional tool that's easy to handle thanks to its carbon fibre material. It costs €19.

Transporting your vinyl records has never been so practical thanks to Feylt

Transporting one vinyl record is no mean feat, but transporting several is even worse! We often read your opinions and reactions on this subject. That's why we've stocked our warehouse with a type of product that's essential for any vinyl lover: the carrying case. This accessory is a must for storing and transporting every record you own. Save energy by buying sleeves in kraft cardboard, plastic or white cardboard. We've got 4 models of 33rpm sleeves that are ideal for creating a tidy stock of 33rpm vinyl records. In kraft, card or plastic, each accessory has its own advantages in terms of weight, rigidity and aesthetic appeal. We recommend the plastic sleeve if you want to transport your records with very little weight. This transparent holder will also allow you to see which disc is stored inside. The price of each accessory ranges from €7 to €8 per unit, but our prices are degressive according to the quantities ordered. So save money by ordering several units at once - every product is now in stock!

Are you part of a music label or association ? Create personalised merchandising for your events

Finally, Feylt can also take care of your customised merchandising with your logo. Tee shirts, tote bags, mugs and caps are available for personalisation on our site, but many other personalised products are available with fast delivery and very good reviews from our customers. Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalised quote.