Feylt, french manufacturer of custom turntable slipmats

Feylt is a French manufacturer of custom turntable slipmats and merchandising. Based in Lyon (France), our young, dynamic and music-loving team has chosen to offer you a whole range of vinyl slipmat that can be personalized quickly, from one piece and at unbeatable prices.

What's a vinyl slipmat used for ?

Did you think vinyls were dead and buried since the 80s and the arrival of the CD (compact disc) ? Well no, the vinyl record is back ! We are currently seeing a real enthusiasm for vinyl, mainly among electronic music DJs, who increasingly enjoy mixing on vinyl turntables. And who says turntable says slipmat, this essential accessory that must accompany your turntable or vinyl record player.

Vinyl slipmat is a circular object in the shape of vinyl and most often made of synthetic material such as felt or polyester. It can also be cork because cork is a material that has real shock absorption properties. A slipmat can be of different sizes, depending on the size of your record player : 7 inches, 10 inches or 12 inches, the latter being the size used most of the time. Vinyl slipmat is used by DJs who mix on vinyl turntables but also for record player enthusiasts who enjoy listening to their music on vinyl. The slipmat is inserted between the record player and the vinyl record and is mainly used to protect your vinyl and reduce vibrations when playing the record.

The platter mat, an essential role in musical reproduction

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, vinyl slipmat plays an essential role for vinyl lovers. First, the slipmat helps protect your record from dust, but also from rubbing against the platter. Indeed, your disc may be damaged if you place it directly on the platter of your turntable. And the dust is to be kept away from your disc as much as possible, even if there are brushes for turntables which allow you to brush your discs before playing them. Then, be aware that the slipmat is an essential accessory to reduce the vibrations of your turntable when playing the disc. It will prevent the record from skipping and will undoubtedly improve the playing comfort of your vinyl.

Slipmat, an easthetic product and an ideal communication tool for Djs

Slipmat for turntables has an undeniable technical utility. But it is also an aesthetic accessory that will allow you to customize your turntables according to your tastes. Take advantage of a covered vinyl turntable when it isn't rotating thanks to slipmats with a design that you appreciate. This is where Feylt comes into play, to offer you the possibility of completely personalizing your vinyl slipmats with the logo of your musical association, a photo that you like or even a message.

Are you part of a sound association and want to create personalized vinyl slipmats with your logo ? It's a very good idea to advertise your association during the evenings where you mix. Do you have a vinyl record store and want to personalize slipmats with your store's logo to sell them or offer them to your customers ? Don't hesitate to contact us to request a quote. Feylt has many slipmat references in stock and can produce your slipmat orders in large quantities within very short deadlines. Take advantage of decreasing prices according to quantities, quality Made in France customization and fast and free delivery in France by Mondial Relay (or Chronopost for large quantity orders).

How to choose a slipmat for your turntable ?

Let's talk a little more technical. It's often complicated to choose the right model of slipmat adapted to your needs. Several types of uses are to be taken into account at first. Are you an audiophile or a DJ ?

If you are an audiophile and you use your slipmat to listen to music on your record player, we will tend to advise you to opt for a thick felt slipmat, or cork slipmat. The restitution of sound and the absorption of vibrations will be ideal on this type of slipmat.

You are a DJ and mix in the evening without scratching, we advise you to opt for a versatile slipmat like our classic 16 oz slipmat or our thick slipmat.

Do you scratch and want a slipmat with incredible glide ? Then two models are available to you : the classic glazed slipmat or the fine 9 oz slipmat. The glossy slipmat will be ideal for scratching thanks to its glossy lower side which will offer you a very good glide while absorbing vibrations in a completely correct way. The fine slipmat, meanwhile, will offer you unparalleled speed and precision.

Why customise a vinyl slipmat with Feylt ?

Are you a musician, DJ or audiophile and want to find a custom vinyl slipmat manufacturer ? Look no further and opt for Feylt. Discover our website which offers you to personalize your personalized vinyl slipmat individually or in larger quantities. Enjoy quick and easy online customization and preview. Then receive your order in a very short time thanks to ultra-fast delivery in France by Chronopost. In our french workshop, we have five slipmat models in stock that you can customize with your own design. These five models, all 12 inches, are different in composition and thickness in order to offer a platter mat that meets everyone's needs. You also have the possibility of ordering slipmats for blank vinyl turntables for each reference that you are offered to customize. Take advantage of decreasing prices according to the quantities ordered and ultra-fast delivery times.

All our slipmats are personalized with love in our workshop in Lyon thanks to sublimation. This personalization technique guarantees you a perfect reproduction of your logo, text or image ; and optimal color rendering. You won't be disappointed with the quality of our custom vinyl slipmats. So don't wait any longer and quickly become the creator of your personalized slipmat with its quality French printing. We aim to offer you quality products, but also a qualitative customization that will last over time. This is why we personalize our products with different marking techniques, each one being adapted to the support that is being personalized. We are a workshop specializing in textile and object personalization. We master many techniques including sublimation and digital printing. But embroidery is also possible on all types of supports. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want clothes embroidered in your colors. All our customizations are made in France with love by our team, in our workshop in Lyon.

Also order textiles and accessories personalized with your logo

The Feylt team doesn't stop at vinyl slipmat. In addition to essential accessories for your turntables and vinyl (brushes, sleeves, etc.), we also offer personalized merchandising in your colors. Indeed, our team has also selected for you a range of customizable textiles & accessories (T-shirts, tote bags and mugs), whether you are an individual, a company or an association.