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Slipmat : order original slipmat for your turntables !

The vinyl record is back in fashion! Over the last few years, music fans of all ages have rediscovered a taste for vinyl records and the turntables that go with them. Vinyl records have become vintage and have overtaken CDs in popularity in recent years! Gone are the days of headphones and mp3s, CDs and radio speakers in the living room. Playback is now done using a turntable, which needs to be maintained and protected. And to protect your turntable, the essential accessory is the platter cover. Feylt offers you the chance to order personalised, blank vinyl felt covers, as well as original felt covers created with love and humour by our team. Whether you're a professional who wants to order an original support with different options, or a private individual who wants to offer a gift to a loved one, Feylt is your ideal partner.

Answers to all your questions about turntable covers

You probably have a lot of questions about slipmat... what is it? What are they actually used for? How do you properly maintain your turntables? Feylt can answer all your questions about vinyl slipmat and turntable covers. We specialise in customised platter covers for a single item or a large number of items. But we also have a large list of other products and accessories that can be customised on request. With Feylt, you can be sure of fast, free delivery of your order.

What is vinyl slipmat?

Vinyl slipmat is a protective accessory for your turntable and vinyl record. It's a piece of slipmat or cork that is essential in the process of playing your records on the turntable, but also to protect it when it's not in use. It is placed on the turntable.

What is the purpose of a turntable cover?

The platter or slipmat cover is very important. It absorbs vibrations when the record is played, ensures stability and protects the vinyl. It also reduces background noise. In short, it's an essential product for ensuring high-quality playback and good protection for your vinyl record.

How do I maintain my turntable?

Maintaining your turntable is no mean feat, and you need to look after it regularly. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, we recommend that you start by dismantling the parts of your turntable. You can then clean the parts of your turntable with an antistatic brush. This product is available in the Accessories section of our website at an attractive price, so don't hesitate to order your anti-static brush directly from Feylt. We stock two anti-static brush products. A black velvet brush at ed 12€, which also has a second brush that will be very useful. And a black and grey velvet and carbon fibre brush for 19€.


Order a designer turntable cover created by Feylt

Feylt offers a whole list of original and humorous turntable covers, which can be ordered individually or in large numbers. These accessories can also be designer or funny, so don't hesitate to think about them if you want to give an original gift to someone you know who no longer uses headphones or speakers to listen to music. Choose the support of your choice from the various options on our site: slipmat or cork products, we have a large stock of customisable products. Feylt is your ideal partner for an original gift. As a music professional, you can also order original or personalised turntable covers and benefit from fast, free delivery. Don't hesitate to have a look at our customer reviews, you won't be disappointed!

No more headphones or speakers to listen to music! If your dad, brother or husband has switched to a vinyl turntable, then order the right products and accessories to give him a nice present. And if you're a professional, you can also order a large number of items. Choose from the different slipmat options on our list: felt or cork, different thicknesses are available. But also different types of visuals. From the cat visual to the donut to the psychedelic visual, there are lots of turntable covers to choose from.

We also offer a whole list of accessories for maintaining your equipment, but also for your communication if you are a DJ, a label or a music association. T-shirts, tote bags, caps and mugs customised with your logo are all products available on our site for a single item or a large number of items. Whether you are a professional or an individual, you can order a large number of products directly online and benefit from fast, free delivery. We have a large number of products in stock, but they are also available to order, so don't hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project or if you would like to make a personalised gift for someone close to you.