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Vinyl slipmat : order vinyl slipmat with Feylt

Vinyl slipmat is an essential accessory for DJs and vinyl lovers. It protects your turntables, limits vibrations and helps you scratch. The slipmat is often sold in pairs, because turntables are often not two. Whether you're mixing on your turntables or playing your favourite vinyl record in vintage style, vinyl slipmats are essential accessories. Protecting your vinyl records is necessary, but it's also an aesthetic accessory that needs to be stylish. That's why we've created Feylt, a website where you can buy platter covers online, for a change from the technicolour platter covers you usually see in shops. Discover our wide range of tray covers.

Discover our different models of slipmat, to personalise or not

Would you like to order vinyl slipmat individually, in pairs or for a large number of items? Feylt makes it easy for you to order one or more slipmats and will ship your order to France, Europe or anywhere in the world. You can order a blank slipmat box (without personalisation), a slipmat box personalised by you directly online, or a design slipmat box created by our team of designers.

All our slipmats come in 33 rpm format (12", 30cm diameter). Choose the slipmat model best suited to your needs from our wide range of products. 1 mm, 2.5 mm or 3 mm thick slipmat. Or 33 rpm cork slipmat with a thickness of 3 mm. We also have a product with a glazed side, ideal for ensuring optimum glide for scratching. In short, choose the product best suited to your needs, because each slipmat has its own specificity and will be adapted or not according to what you want in terms of vibration absorption, scratch glide or sound reproduction.

The classic slipmat


The classic slipmat is made from 100% polyester, has a diameter of 30cm and is 2.5cm thick. It is white and can be ordered blank or personalised, or you can order a slipmat from our range of design slipmats. Each slipmat costs 11€ (blank), rising to 10€ each if you order a pair.

The thick slipmat

Thick slipmat is one of our bestsellers. This 100% polyester slipmat is very high quality, with a thickness of 3 mm. It offers incredible vibration absorption, as well as excellent glide and sound reproduction. It costs 12€ untouched, but the price is reduced when you order a pair.

The other slipmats

Other slipmats include glazed slipmat, which has a glazed side to ensure good glide for the mix. We also offer cork slipmat, which is ideal for sound reproduction. Order our slipmats and other vinyl listening and mixing accessories now. We offer guaranteed fast Chronopost Express delivery within France. All our slipmats are on special offer for orders of two or more and are in stock in our workshop.